The EU and its Internal Outsiders. The French Deportation of Roma in the Summer of 2010 – an Infringement of the Lisbon Treaty?


  • Stefanie Rieder



Roma, deportation, infringement procedure, fundamental rights, France


This paper discusses the expulsion of non-national Roma by the French government in the summer of 2010. It does so by concisely portraying the social background of Roma as the biggest minority group in the EU and the lacking methods of integration within EU borders. The discussion therefore centers on the legal framework of the European Union, which is supposed to grant fundamental rights and the prohibition of discrimination to EU citizens. The actual method of control remains to be the infringement procedure initiated by the EU Commission. This paper consequently elaborates not only on its structure, but ultimately discusses the question of the infringement procedure’s effectiveness in the context of the Roma deportation. In essence the paper highlights the dilemma of balancing the difficulty of integration within the EU and simultaneously upholding fundamental rights that were granted to all EU citizens.




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