Austrian Foreign Policy and key Debates on EU Foreign Policy


  • Patrick Müller Institut für europäische Intergrationsforschung



The Handbuch Außenpolitik Österreichs (Handbook on Austrian Foreign Policy, see Senn et al. 2023a) and its rich empirical findings that cover a broad spectrum of geographic and thematic priorities speak in stimulating ways to timely scholarly debates on European Union (EU) foreign policy. On the one hand, the Austrian case reveals dynamics that are also visible in other EU member states, including a certain degree of foreign policy de-Europeanization, a growing politicization of foreign policy, and a greater demand for horizontal coordination of different aspects of foreign policy. On the other hand, Austria needs to find its place in an EU foreign policy that itself is in a period of adapting to major internal and external challenges. Placing the findings of the Handbook in the context of recent scholarship on EU foreign policy, this article highlights the multi-level nature of Austrian foreign policy and points to important contributions of the Handbook for scholarship on EU foreign policy that extend beyond the case of Austria.